SNES Classic Mini: Nintendo promises bigger stocks than NES Classic Mini

by Jerry

Nintendo has just announced its new retro console, the SNES Classic Mini. The little sister of the NES Classic Mini is eagerly awaited by fans. Announced for September 29, 2017, Nintendo promises a larger stock than for the NES Classic Mini, whose success was unexpected.

The world of video games was marked in 2016 by a rather unexpected phenomenon: the NES Classic Mini, a reissue of the mythical japanese console in reduced version and without cartridges. Offered at 69 euros, the retro console has been a phenomenal success, so much so that stocks have run out at an impressive rate.

Nintendo has admitted that it was not prepared for such success. Initially, the Japanese simply wanted to launch a number of units for the pleasure of the fans. As a result, he had planned a certain amount in production and had no plans to make it a mass product. Despite the insistence of the fans, Big N's plan was already established, impossible to restart production.

SNES Classic Mini: "much more inventory" expected

Faced with this success, many fans dreamed of a SNES Classic Mini, another legendary console of the brand. After weeks of more or less verified information, Nintendo finally made all this official. Yesterday (26 June 2017), Big N officially announced the arrival of the SNES Classic Mini on the market. It will be available on September 29, 2017. And this time, Nintendo has it all planned out. In a statement, the brand clarified its strategy:

We don't have specific figures to provide, but indeed there will be a lot more Super NES Classic Edition than NES Classic Edition. The delivery of the SNES Classic Edition is currently scheduled from September 29 until the end of the 2017 calendar. At the moment nothing is planned beyond this period. We are focusing more on the long term with good games for the Nintendo Switch and continue on this momentum. Let's not forget the 63 million players who own a Nintendo 3DS family console. The Super NES Classic Edition is a special recognition to fans who show a particular interest in our classics.

So there will be a lot more stocks of SNES Classic Mini than NES Classic. Despite a higher price of 79.99, the console may well sell again in pallets. Amazon UK offered it for pre-order this morning (June 27, 2017) and stocks ran out in just a few minutes. That's a promise!

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