Nintendo Switch: Big N tackles Sony and Microsoft on the 4K

by Jerry

Nintendo does not want to take the same path as Sony and Microsoft with the Nintendo Switch. While its competitors opt for a PS4 Pro and an Xbox One S / Xbox One X supporting the 4K, Big N for its part does not see the usefulness of such a device considered to be far too expensive in its eyes and not at all in tune with its target audience.

Of the three biggest players in the video game world, only two currently offer machines that support 4K technology. This is of course Sony with its PS4 Pro and Microsoft with the Xbox One S and very soon, via its super-powerful Xbox One X.

Then figure back a certain Nintendo, which is sort of band apart with the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid machine of the Japanese giant does not integrate this device called 4K and it is apparently a voluntary wish on the part of Big N, which considers this strategy not only as expensive but also as being not in line with what it wants to offer its consumers.

Nintendo: Integrating 4K on Switch was a "too limited strategy" for the firm

In an interview with The Verge, Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America, spoke clearly on the subject. He made it clear that not integrating 4K into the Nintendo Switch was intended,whether from a financial point of view or from the public he wanted to reach:

"Nintendo's mission is to reach as many consumers as possible and allow them to enjoy themselves with our licenses. That is what we are trying to do. As a result, we address the widest possible audience. As a result, we want our products to be affordable. We want our products to be easy to handle and use. We want our franchises to shine when we publish these experiences. »

Reggis Fils-Aimé then concluded this interview with the American media by stating that the introduction of 4K within his console would not have been beneficial to him because it was too limited compared to its current strategy: "This explains the fair price of 300 dollars of the Nintendo Switch, a platform that has Mario, Zelda and Splatoon. Going to a smaller consumer group, a higher price, asking to invest in 4K televisions, is a strategy a little too limited for us. ».

Through these words, Nintendo demonstrates that its highly courted Nintendo Switch can not compete against behemoths like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S / Xbox One X in terms of resolution. And it's no worse, this gives it a definite advantage in the sense that many players do not rely solely on this criterion to buy their console.

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