Super Nintendo Classic Mini: already sold at mind-blowing prices, up to $400!

by Jerry

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini has not yet made its official launch as it already arouses the biggest hungry of nostalgia of the 1990s. Already available at auction on the famous eBay site, pre-orders can be counted on both hands. And prices are already at record highs.


Nintendo had announced it. Following the fiasco of the shutdown of the NES Classic Mini, the firm announced thatit would release a Super Classic Mini, in order to give the disappointed a chance to rebuild. Once is not customary, Nintendo keeps its promises: the famous console will make its official release on September 29, accompanied by its 20-1 games.

Prices are already soaring on the web

But on the web, UK trading sites have not dragged on to publish their offers. And U.S. retailers are reportedly in the process of preparing a flash sales operation. But it is especially the auction sites like ebay that the Super NES Classic Mini has been a great success.

Pre-orders on the famous eBay site have already reached 180 pounds sterling or 199 dollars. But these amounts are not yet very shocking compared to the pre-order that sold for $389.99. That is to say the success and the craze around the update of the old consoles. But at that price, you might as well buy a Nintendo Switch.

But beware, some offers boast "secure" transactions and on eBay, a clause guarantees you the shipment of the property acquired within 30 days. It is not certain that this clause will be respected by the sellers who offer this offer, especially since the console has not yet made its official entry into the market.

Moreover, once again, Nintendo may run out of stock for the Super NES Classic Mini. Although Nintendo claimed that the units produced would be larger than for the NES Classic Mini, no precise figures were released and production would not be assured until the end of 2017. In the meantime, you can always find the console at more reliable brands that offer it for pre-order at 95 euros like the Fnac.

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