Super NES Classic Mini: Nintendo explains its selection of games

by Jerry

Expected for September 29th, the Super NES Classic Mini will hit the market with a very large catalog of games. Star Fox, Super Mario Kart, Yoshi's Island, … the list is long since it is nearly 21 titles that will accompany the console at the time of its release. Key hits chosen by Nintendo, which today explains how it came to make this selection.

The announcement of the arrival of a new console on the market often makes emulations with gamers. Proof of this is with the officialization on May 27 of the Super NES Classic Mini by Nintendo. This miniature reissue of the 16-bit console will be officially launched on September 29th at an average price of 70-75 euros.

Let it be said clear, it's damn low for a machine that will come with a total of 21 games. All great classics, which have been carefully chosen by Nintendo and which explains on this day how it proceeded with this choice of line-up.

Super NES Classic Mini: the 21 games were not chosen by chance

The 21 games that will accompany the launch of the much-requested Super NES Classic Mini have, as many can imagine, been chosen with the utmost care. Particular attention has been paid by Nintendo to the selection of these titles. This is what the Japanese giant said in a recent interview with the website Famitsu:

"It depends on the popularity of the game, the fact that people are familiar with it and the number of units sold. We carefully chose each title, ensuring that the line-up would be suitable for a wide audience, so that the SNES Classic would prove to be an obvious purchase. ยป

On the other hand, Big N mentioned the case of three games that required the famous Super FX chip to work at the time namely Star Fox, Star Fox 2 and Yoshi's Island. The teams, who were having great difficulty wearing these hits on the retro console, did so by using a little trick. Little is known about the subject but it doesn't matter since it will be available to everyone when the Super NES Classic Mini officially releases on September 29, 2017.

Provided of course to have his copy of the console, that's why we invite you to follow these indications related to the pre-order processes to be sure not to miss out.

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