Xbox One X: Finally, few games will run in 4K to 60 FPS

by Jerry

Microsoft will officially launch its Xbox One X on November 7. The machine, which is characterized as the most powerful console on the market, is in the crosshairs of the press and players, who expect to see hits constantly running in 60 FPS, all in native 4K resolution. Some may well be disappointed as the beast will not be able to achieve its goals.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft shook the entire video game sphere by formalizing its next home console, the Xbox One X. The E3 2017 was the right time for Redmond's firm to reveal its future racing beast intended to literally explode Sony's PS4 Pro.

The American has almost all the cards in hand to reverse the trend and return to the video game market thanks to a machine capable of running games in native 4K at 60 FPS. In any case, this is what is indicated on paper because in reality, the situation will be very different.

Xbox One X: Many games won't run in 4K to 60 FPS

Yet significantly superior to the PS4 Pro in terms of power, the Xbox One X is likely to follow the same path as its rival in terms of on-screen games rendering. Specifically, the console might not be able to offer only games running in a 4K resolution and 60 FPS. This is due to the fact that the higher the upscaling, the less quick the refresh.

Very few hits in the end will be able to appear in this way on TVs, which is why it could be about dynamic resolutions,as does the boosted version of the PS4. In any case, it seems that this is the only viable solution to guarantee optimal playing comfort to gamers, who will definitely prefer an ultra fluid hit but slightly less beautiful rather than a sublime game that suffers framerate drops in a recurrent way.

Will Microsoft's powerful Xbox One X still be purchased knowing it doesn't keep all its promises? This is the big question that Redmond's firm will have to face, which is likely to attract the wrath of players who envied the machine for its ability to run most of the games in 4K and 60 FPS.

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