Nintendo Switch: An NES emulator is hidden in the console!

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch is a few months old now but it hasn't revealed all its secrets yet. A moddeur has indeed detected that the latest console of Big N would hide an EMulator of NES. For now, it has not yet found how to make it work. But it's only a matter of time.

The Nintendo Switch is without a doubt the video game event of the year. Nintendo has made a stunning comeback after some very difficult years, including the commercial failure of the Wii U.

However, if the console is unanimous, it is content for the moment to be a pure game console. No service is available at the moment, not From Netflix, Spotify or Youtube. At the moment the Nintendo Switch is used to play, period. The arrival of the "Nintendo Switch Online" service should change things and breathe new life into the console.

Nintendo Switch: A SOON-to-be-announced NES emulator?

One of the good surprises is that players might not just play Switch games. The moddeur LuigiBlood discovered while rummaging through the system files that the Nintendo Switch was hiding a NES emulator. Obviously the Japanese would have planned to run games of the very first Nintendo console on its Switch. Enough to please fans who could not get their hands on the NES Classic Mini last year.

Unfortunately, for now, the moddeur has not figured out how to run the emulator. But it is quite possible that it is only a matter of time. It is likely that a little genius will find out how to make the emulator work. Unless Nintendo launches this feature at the same time as the "Nintendo Switch Online" service.

In any case, if Nintendo launches such a service, we will have to see what business model it is based on. One might think, for example, that access to the NES emulator can only be provided to subscribers to the "Nintendo Switch Online". We really hope to find out more soon! Not you?

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