Super NES Classic Mini: eBay says stop scams!

by Jerry

Within minutes of its official announcement, the Super NES Classic Mini has gone from available console to 100% unavailable. Pre-orders have exploded, leading to major stock outages. Some then took the opportunity to put the precious machine up for sale on eBay at sometimes exorbitant prices. These ads, with the sweet air of scams, will soon be deleted by the auction platform.

Just announced by Nintendo on June 27th that the Super NES Classic Mini was immediately a victim of its success. Millions of gamers flocked to video game and e-commerce sites to pre-order this miniature version of the machine released in the 1990s.

From there, production stopped and the first stock outages appeared, thus giving some people the desire to restock the precious sesame at a price far beyond what was originally proposed. The goal is to make maximum money on the backs of poor fans through ads posted on sites like eBay to name but a few. Let the gamers rejoice, these scams will soon be nothing more than memories!

Super NES Classic Mini: Speculator ads will be removed by eBay

These mind-blowing selling prices specific to the Super NES Classic Mini, which can be seen in masses on eBay, are about to disappear. The auction platform, obviously aware of this practice of inflating prices, has just announced the imminent removal of all ads put online by speculators.

The aim is to put an end to these techniques somewhat comparable to scams. In the eyes of eBay and the community, it is indeed abnormal that a product is offered at 300 or 400 euros when it must be sold initially around 70 to 75 (depending on the pricing imposed by Nintendo).

By doing so, eBay should thus prevent a large number of players from being scammed and thus allow them to obtain the precious Super NES Classic Mini at its fair value. Not sure however that the phenomenon does not stop anytime soon, many ads of this type should undoubtedly appear on sites of the same kind before the release of the console, fixed to September 29.

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