Nintendo Switch: firm denies intentionally organising stock outage

by Jerry

Since the launch of the Switch, Nintendo has faced stock outage problems. However, the company was accused of intentionally organizing the console's supply deficit relative to demand. Nintendo recently responded to these accusations, which it strongly denies.


Since the release of the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017, Nintendo has experienced some difficulties in meeting global demand and has sometimes had to stop receiving gamers for stock outages. The company has recently been accused of voluntarily organizing insufficient console production. Nintendo has decided to respond to these accusations.

It was the Director of Corporate Communications, Charlie Scibetta, who decided to speak on this subject, in an interview given to Ars Technica. And Nintendo chose not to practice any language of wood and not to make details. He stated that "these breaches are not intentional …" and that the firm manufactures "as many Switches" as possible. The director also reaffirmed Nintendo's desire to "make as much as possible as quickly as possible", in particular to accompany the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which is likely to be a hit.

Default in application assessment

Nintendo has indeed revised its objectives. The initial forecast had set a figure of 10 million sales. Faced with the unexpected success of the console, the firm found itself obliged to revise its outlook upwards with 18 million, or 80% more. Charlie Scibetta himself has acknowledged Nintendo's unpreparedness for such significant success.

He also mentioned the main difficulty in meeting the demand: " (…) as soon as a Switch is produced, it does not have time to arrive in store that it is already sold (…) ». It was the initial production volumes that were undervalued. It almost looks like a production to order. A console is sold that you already have to make another. It is therefore up to Nintendo to anticipate the next demand, producing Switch in sufficient numbers, even if it has to own stocks.

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