Nintendo Switch: Monster success, Nintendo decides to increase production

by Jerry

Witnessing a worldwide success since its launch last March, the Nintendo Switch remains at present the most requested console on the market. So much so that many gamers can't get their hands on it! Nintendo, for its part, wants to please everyone and plans to quickly address this problem by increasing production significantly.

Too much demand, kill demand! It is the case to say, the Nintendo Switch has been selling like hotcakes since its official launch last March. The success of Nintendo's hybrid console is such that it has come to cause an imbalance in its distribution on a global scale.

With more than 2.7 million sales made a month after its release, impacted in large part by the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and now, via the announcements made at E3 2017, the Nintendo Switch is struggling to get out of the red zone. A concern that should soon be resolved according to the CEO of Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch production on the verge of boost

Aware of the monster cardboard of the Nintendo Switch in France and abroad, Nintendo intends very quickly to act to deal with console shortages. For a purpose that is of course that of satisfying consumers as best as possible.

This is what Nintendo America CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé explained in an interview with ourcolleagues at IGN France at the E3 2017 show. He made it clear that a solution is being found to improve the current situation: "What we are doing, as quickly as possible, is increasing production to make the console more available on the market and getting to the point where all players who want a Switch can find one."

The news is therefore enough to please fans, who can count on a nintendo very committed and ready to do anything to "improve the production line". We hope, however, that everything will be in order by the release of a certain Super Mario Odyssey on October 27, also intended to sell Nintendo Switch by pallets.

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