Nintendo Switch: 5.0.0 update available, all new features

by Jerry

The firmware of the Nintendo Switch version 5.0.0 is now available for download with several new features and improvements, including better integration of your other gaming platforms, social network accounts. In addition to the new features mentioned in the version notes, developers have discovered a revision of the SoC probably related to the hacking of the console: hackers have managed to install Linux for example.

Nintendo has just released the 5.0.0 version of the Switch firmware with its official release notes. This major new update brings new features oriented social networks and continuity between the PC and the console.

Nintendo Switch 5.0.0 update: list of new features

Here are all the new features as you can read in the release notes:

  • Your Twitter and Facebook friends who also use Nintendo Switch can now be added via Friends Suggestions
  • Select from 24 new ARMS and Kirby icons for your user
  • Digital purchases made from a PC or smart device will start downloading earlier than before, even if the Switch console is on standby
  • Filter News to see only unread news from specific sources
  • Parental control: The method of inputing parental code has changed for safety: Joy-Con buttons should now be used instead of a digital pad on the touch screen
  • The Switch Parental Control app allows specific titles to be added to the whitelist to exclude them from the restricted mode (but game time restrictions remain effective)
  • Notifications when pre-purchased games are ready
  • The colors of the Nintendo Switch Pro controller are now displayed correctly in the Manettes menu
  • Solves a problem that caused a recent Game section display bug in your user page profile

The Switchbrew site notes that the update also includes a fix for the console's SoC. It is not yet known what this fix really is, but it is noted that vulnerabilities have already been discovered on the Switch. The latest one allowed hackers to install Linux and use the console as a 100% functional and open source touchscreen tablet.

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