Nintendo Switch: Netflix explains why there's still no app on the…

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The Nintendo Switch provides a very interesting gaming experience, but the hybrid console still suffers from the lack of a Netflix app. Present on PS4 and Xbox One, the SVOD service is still not available on Switch. A Netflix executive says Nintendo prefers to focus on games and leaves video aside for now. But he doesn't rule out Netflix's arrival on the Switch in the future.

The Nintendo Switch is a great console, but it still lacks some services and features to be really complete. Notably, Netflix is not available on Switch, whereas it has been available for a long time on PS4 and Xbox One. During a Question and Answer session, Scott Mirer, Netflix's vice president of ecosystem for partner devices, explained the lack of the SVOD platform on the hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch: Netflix may be available in the future

"Inthe case of the Switch, they [Nintendo] were very focused at launch on the gaming aspect and not on the video aspect, which was not a priority for them,"he said in remarks reported by the mobileyrup website. "Ifit evolves over time, we have a great relationship with them and we may be interested in a Netflix support on Switch…. It could happen." It is therefore understandable that at the moment nothing is planned but that the arrival of Netflix on Switch is not excluded.

For Netflix, the ball is therefore on the side of Nintendo, which seems for the moment obsessed with its offer in games. At a recent Nintendo Direct, the publisher announced a plethora of new games for the Switch. A Super Smash Bros is in the works, Mario Tennis ACES is coming soon, and we will also have the right to many portages of cult games: the trilogy Crash Bandicoot, Hyrule Warriors, Dark Souls Remastered or South Park: The Annal of Destiny.

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