Nintendo Labo: an 8-year-old's impressions of cardboard Switch accessories,…

by Jerry

Nintendo has launched Nintendo Labo, a cardboard accessory kit for the Nintendo Switch. A toy that made the critics unanimous: it's great (although a little expensive). But what do the main target of this game think, children? Our gamespot colleagues went to meet a child they played with the new accessories. verdict? The assembly of cardboard accessories and their customization are even more important than the games originally planned, and he loves it!

Admittedly, when I heard about the upcoming nintendo Labo release for Nintendo Switch, I thought I'd be dying to buy a kit… For me. And not for children! And yet, these games are not planned (only) for the big Dadais that we are. So, is it really a good idea to buy one of these cardboard kits for children, also given their fragility (and their still quite high price)? According to this video of Gamespot, the answer is 100x yes, and not necessarily for the reasons we could imagine.

Nintendo Labo: the Cardboard Switch is great for adults and children alike!

The journalist, present at a presentation event in San Francisco explains veryenthusiastically "The mini-games Lab are secondary to the fact of assembling its devices, and what attracts it is not the software itself, but witness the surprising things that your humble cardboard creations can do".  Beyond that, we immediately see that the game, if practiced in the presence of an adult is a great way to create complicity. Because as I explained above they pique our curiosity as much as that of the children!

In the video, we can see that little Sebastian completely lose the notion of time: he thinks he built his first toy in less than 3 minutes when it actually occupied him a quarter of an hour. We can actually see that personalization is very important for the kid, and that the whole stimulates his imagination enormously, in addition to giving him topics of conversation with the journalist!

Nintendo Labo Kits for Nintendo Switch will be available in France from April 24, 2018. Initially, there will be two kits and a customization set containing stickers and accessories. The first, called Multi-Kit, contains a remote-controlled car kit, a fishing rod kit, house, motorcycle, and piano. The second, called Kit Robot, allows you to create a kind of cardboard controller to control a Mech robot with your hands and feet. Both kits are priced at €59.99 and €69.99.

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