Nintendo Switch: a new version with 8GB of RAM in the works?

by Jerry

A new version of the Nintendo Switch is currently in the cards. As a leaky firmware suggests, this improved edition of the console will be equipped with a new SoC and 8GB of RAM. What does this next edition of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's hit console, have in store for us?

Since its release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed phenomenal success. In the past year, Nintendo has sold 15 million copies of its Switch. As a result, the Japanese manufacturer managed to multiply its profits by 4. In France, Nintendo sold nearly 1 million units of its Switch. According to Philippe Lavoue, Managing Director of Nintendo France,"this is the best launch for a console in France". Under these conditions, it is not surprising that the brand is already preparing a new and improved version.

Nintendo Switch: a new SoC and 8GB of RAM?

As Mike Heskin, a fan developer of the console, reports, the firmware of the Nintendo Switch's 5.0 update contains traces of the arrival of a model with a new SoC and up to 8GB of RAM. This new SoC is called T214. In the firmware, it is mentioned as Mariko, in reference to Wolverine's Japanese girlfriend in the Marvel comics Mariko Yashida. For now, we still don't know what this new SoC will change with our use.

In addition to this SoC T214, the console will increase to 8GB of RAM. As a reminder, the current Nintendo Switch is limited to 4GB of RAM. According to Mike Heskin, the Nintendo console will be identical to the first version (and that's far from a problem). For now, it is not yet known whether this second Switch will benefit from more internal storage than its predecessor, limited to 32GB.

During our test of the Nintendo Switch, the console was particularly exciting. We especially loved the originality of the concept, the quality of its design, the performance of the Joy-Con, its amazing autonomy and its interface of childish simplicity. Let's hope, however, that the next version will be able to offer more advanced graphics, thanks in particular to this new SoC. What do you think? What do you expect from this new Switch?

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