Switch: Nintendo explodes its profits by 500% thanks to the huge success of the console …

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch alone blew Big N's profits by 500% in the 2017 fiscal year! 17.79 million consoles have been sold since its launch, almost double what the Japanese manufacturer initially hoped. And Nintendo doesn't intend to stop there: the firm expects to be able to sell some 20 million more consoles by the end of this year.

The Nintendo Switch sells "in pallets": 17.79 million units have sold since its launch until March 2018, which marks the end of the 2017 accounting year at Nintendo. As a result, this is the jackpot for the firm, which has been headquartered near Kyoto for almost 130 years. According to its latest financial results, Nintendo's revenues have increased by almost 500%. Initially, Nintendo thought it would sell 10 million Switches by the end of its launch year—an already ambitious goal, especially considering that the Wii U sold only 5 million copies over the same period.

Nintendo Switch boosts Big N profits by 500%

The 17.79 million consoles sold even though Nintendo had missed the holiday window at the time and production was initially unable to keep up with demand around the world. A success probably due to the reduced format of this hybrid console, both portable console and living room. But also quality exclusives like Zelda Breath of The Wild. For next year Nintendo therefore intends to continue to capitalize on the success of the console.

The group hopes to sell at least 20 million euros, which could enable it to make an operating profit equivalent to 1.7 billion euros, for global revenues of around 10 billion euros. A success that the firm should easily achieve as evidenced by releases like Nintendo Labo, as original as they are recruitment generators. In the situation of its own, Nintendo should not launch a 2.0 version of the console for a long time; to devote itself, on the contrary, to providing its catalogue of games.

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