E3 2018 Nintendo: finally details on Super Smash Bros version Switch!

by Jerry

Super Smash Bros will land on the Nintendo Switch and we know some details of what the publisher intends to present to us at E3 2018. The editor's booth will be in the colours of Super Smash Bros and Pokemon. We also have an idea of the props and new characters that will be introduced into the game. The release of a new installment of Super Smash Bros in 2018 is no secret and we have already had a taste of it during a short teaser broadcast during the Nintendo Direct in March 2018.

According to our Newsweek colleagues who quote the YouTuber GU KingofHeart, at the E3 2018 video game show, Nintendo will put its stand in the colors of Super Smash Bros and Pokemon. The publisher's two flagship licenses will most certainly monopolize all the attention at the event. No information has been leaked about the Pokémon part. However, we have an idea of what the video game industry giant will present on its stand regarding Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros on Switch: Nintendo to showcase license on its stand at E3 2018

GU KingofHeart had already been right about previous rumors about Nintendo's E3 2017 booth. We can give some credit to the character's advance regarding the publisher's plans for the 2018 edition of the show. A list of accessories and characters in the game is also mentioned by the YouTuber:

  • A golden hammer
  • A Captain Falcon helmet
  • Link's sword
  • Marth's Falcon
  • Bayonetta's handguns and boots
  • Blaster de Fox
  • The Splattershot

As Newsweekpoints out, if this information is true, we could find Captain Falcon, Marth, Duck Hunt Dog, Bayonetta, Fox and Shulk on the battlefield. Another leaker, MasterofHyrule, had already confirmed some of this information on Twitter on April 24, 2018. The Nintendo Switch is a real hit. The return of Super Smash Bros to the Nintendo console will probably make a lot of noise. Share your thoughts on this in the comments.

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