Game of Thrones: Xbox tease a project related to the series, soon a game?

by Jerry

Xbox and Microsoft lit fire literally and figuratively on Twitter by teasing an upcoming project related to Game of Thrones. A game is hoped for, especially as those currently available are not sensational. A special edition console is another possibility, but much less attractive.

As a major cultural phenomenon of the 2010s, Game of Thrones has already received several adaptations in video games. Between the enthusiasm of the fans that allows to ensure a minimum of sales and a heroic-fantasy universe that suits this medium particularly well, there is quality material on which to rely. But for now, no production is likely to make the history of the video game industry.

Game of Thrones: a new video on Xbox?

That's why we're hopeful after this enigmatic tweet posted by the official Xbox account on May 6, 2019 just before episode 4 of Game of Thrones airs. "And now the wait begins. Stay connected," says the message, which accompanies a short video in which the emblem of the Targaryen House is distinguished and the flames and scales of the dragon. Microsoft would strike a huge blow if it had managed to get an exclusive for a Game of Thrones title.

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Another possibility, much less enticing this one, the release of a special edition Xbox Game of Thrones, with the console and controller customized. This could make sense to boost sales for this generation one last time before the next Xbox arrives. But would be terribly disappointing. So we're waiting for a clearer announcement to find out more. This could come at the end of the broadcast of the series in mid-May 2019 or a month later at E3 2019. So what are Microsoft and Xbox preparing for us here? Don't hesitate to share your prognosis in the comments.

And now your wait begins.
Stay tuned.

— Xbox (@Xbox) May 6, 2019

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