Xbox One S All Digital: Microsoft launches two special Games of Thrones editions

by Jerry

The recently announced Xbox One S All Digital is entitled to two special Games of Thrones editions: House Targaryen and Night King. Enough to restore interest to this console without Blu-Ray player among fans of the HBO series or the books of George R. R. Martin.

Microsoft and HBO have entered into a partnership and are announcing the launch of two Game of Thrones special edition consoles: the Xbox One S All Digital House Targaryen and Night King. No additional features or an upwardly revised technical sheet here, the only peculiarity of the two consoles is aesthetic. And on the visuals shared by the two American groups, we can say that these new Xboxes really send heavy in terms of design. Enough to surf the game of Thrones hype to revive sales before the arrival of the next generation of consoles.

Xbox One S All Digital is available in Game of Thrones in the colours of Targaryen and the King of the Night

Microsoft made its Xbox One S All Digital official in April 2019. Marketed at a recommended price of 229 euros, it does not carry a Blu-Ray player and users must therefore settle for games in dematerialized. We felt at the time that the offer was not particularly enticing as there are regularly interesting promotional offers for the standard Xbox One S. And even when you're used to demat', not being able to take advantage of promotions on physical games from time to time is a shame.

Just before the airing of episode 4 of season 8 of the HBO series, Xbox had teased a project related to Game of Thrones. We suspected then that it was probably an Xbox collector of this type, even if we hoped to announce a game. It must be said that the potential of the GoT universe is immense and that no video game title has really been able to exploit it so far. Give us a good GAME of Thrones RPG for God's sake!

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