Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: All-inclusive subscription at 12.99 euros per month is official

by Jerry

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has been made official by Microsoft. This is an offer that combines the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, but at a discounted price of 12.99 euros per month.

The Xbox Inside of April 16, 2019 was full of announcements. Microsoft has announced the release of the Xbox One S All-Digital, a discounted console without a Blu-Ray player and focusing on dematerialization. Redmond's firm also took the opportunity to launch its new subscription formula: the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which had already leaked.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Xbox Live Gold – Xbox Game Pass

The principle of this offer is to bring together in one place the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. As a reminder, the first city allows players in possession of an Xbox console to play in multiplayer and benefit from free games each month. The Game Pass is a kind of Netflix subscription, which gives customers access to a catalog of more than a hundred unlimited downloadable and playable games. It is becoming more and more interesting as it grows, especially with the integration of Microsoft exclusives.

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The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings all these features together. For now, members of the Xbox Insider Alpha Preview program can enjoy it. The release for all users will take place later in the year, no specific date has been announced at this time. The price of the subscription was set at 12.99 euros per month, compared to 9.99 euros for the Xbox Game Pass and 6.99 euros for the Xbox Live Gold. This can save up to 3.99 euros per month (47.88 euros per year) for users who do not benefit from Xbox Live Gold promotions.

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