Xbox responds to Google Stadia and announces a "huge" xCloud at E3 2019

by Jerry

Xbox has been closely following the announcement of Google Stadia, the streaming video game service presented at GDC 2019. Its boss Phil Spencer sees it as a validation of the fact that the future goes through cloud gaming and teases an even bigger announcement at E3 2019 for the xCloud that Microsoft is preparing.

The Google Stadia streaming video game service was presented at the Game Developers Conference 2019 and was a bombshell. It seems that the Mountain View firm's video game ambitions are very serious, and the competition has not missed the announcement. Shadow has already given his feelings on Google Stadia, it's now Microsoft's turn.

Xbox to launch Project xCloud at E3 2019, a competitor to Google Stadia

In an internal memo from Phil Spencer published by Thurrott, the head of the Xbox division and more generally responsible for gaming issues at Redmond's firm addresses his employees. "Their announcement is a validation of the path we took two years ago,"he said. A reference to Project xCloud whose tests are expected to arrive soon.

"This announcement was not a big surprise, but I was impressed by the links with YouTube, the use of Google Assistant and the Stadia Controller WiFi game controller,"Spencer said in the document. A recognition, but also a warning to its new competitor in the video game market. "Google announced heavy today and we still have a few months before E3 for something huge,"he warns.

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As a reminder, xCloud will be a streaming service to play the console on smartphone or any other device with a screen. Pending further details at the world video game, the promise seems to be the same as for Google Stadia. But Microsoft and Xbox leave with one advantage: they are much more categorized "gaming" than Google in the eyes of consumers and have their own studios and licenses for the catalog of titles that will accompany the service.

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