Xbox Scarlett: 8-core CPU at 3.5 GHz, 16GB of RAM, 12 Tflops and an ultra-responsive SSD

by Jerry

Although Microsoft has formalized its next console and even set a release date, the Xbox Scarlett is still full of mystery. The company will probably unveil it in its entirety in the middle of next year, but in the meantime, new information from a rather reliable source has just fallen.

According to the latest rumors, Microsoft could have two Scarlett consoles in the pipes. One is codenamedAnaconda,while the other is known as Lockhart. It is not yet known whether the two models will be released at the same time or in shifts, and whether they will benefit from the same play library or whether some titles will be exclusive to the more powerful of the two. On the other hand, some of their technical characteristics are starting to leak and there is every reason to believe that they will be real racehorses.

According to information gathered by Windows Central, the Xbox Anaconda, the most powerful of the two models, would benefit from a computing power of 12 teraflops and a CPU 8 cores clocked at 3.5 GHz.  The Xbox Lockart, the cheapest of the two, would benefit from 6 teraflops. For comparison, Xbox One S and Xbox One X have 1.4 and 6 teraflops, respectively. But that's not all: the Xbox Anaconda would benefit from 16GB of RAM,including 13GB dedicated to video games (the remaining 3GB being destined for the operating system).

Xbox Scarlett: a console that charges games with a snap of your fingers

For storage, both models would benefit from proprietary NVMe SSDtechnology. This will significantly reduce game loading times: a title that usually requires a minute to get started would only take a few seconds. In addition, xCloud streaming technology, which already has 54 titles, would allow a game to be launched, while the game downloads locally.

The console should also offer a better frame rate than the Xbox One X, even with current games. Windows Central gives as an example Monster Hunter World, which struggles to maintain 60 FPS on the One X. A frame spleen that the Scarlett should reach without difficulty. And thanks to the SSD NVMe, current titles would benefit from increased loading time. No updates to these games currently available would be required.

While the Xbox Scarlett will be able to take advantage of the latest innovations provided by ray-tracing, it should also be able to read the current Xbox One titles. And according to Microsoft, the console should even be able to launch the first Xbox and Xbox 360 games without any problems, as the Xbox One currently does.

Of course, all this information may have to change between now and the release of the two console models. But if proven, Microsoft's Scarlett and Sony's PS5 could have a merciless performance fight. For its part, Sony took the lead and announced that its console would be the fastest in the world. However, in the console market, everything is played at the level of the ludotheque.

Source: Windows Central

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