PS5: June 11th conference will focus on audio quality in games

by Jerry

The upcoming PS5 event will focus mainly on audio quality. In particular, Sony states that a headset is recommended to attend the conference on June 11, 2020. The brand reveals that no 4K gameplay will be unveiled at the event.

Sony takes advantage of a blog post to give some info on the program of the PS5 conference of June 11, 2020. The first info is probably rather a disappointment. Sony explains that "this pre-recorded program will be broadcast in 1080p at 30 frames per second". The manufacturer explains that this "has made it possible to simplify the production of the event while many of our teams and developers are teleworking".

Sony added: "The games you'll see on Thursday will look even more beautiful when you play it on PS5 with a 4K TV." It will therefore still be necessary to take his pain in patience to be entitled to a real conference on image quality. Even as Microsoft gives the impression of revealing more things at this point about the image quality of the Xbox Series X. For now, Sony has mostly been content to deliver a shower of technical details, but no real gameplay.

A demonstration of the new Unreal Engine on PS5 was well shown, but it was the rendering of a particularly complex cinematic scene. This does not really allow to have a real overview of what the console will give in game. We don't know at this point what drives Sony to be so nervous when it comes to showing us gameplay graphics. Let's hope this is not a bad sign.

The other info is that Sony is already preparing its audience on the real subject of its presentation: the audio quality of the console that will be a real point of differentiation. We know that Sony has worked a lot on this slope, and that the console has dedicated circuits to deliver a high quality sound. A device that the brand has named Tempest Engine. The player will feel that the sound comes from hundreds of different directions for a new degree of immersion. And that goes far beyond the PS VR and its 50 audio channels.

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Sony explains: "It's also better to watch [the conference] with a headset, if you can – it shows some pretty cool work on the audio side, and it seems harder to appreciate if the sound goes through the speakers of your phone or laptop," explainsSony. The presentation will last in total just over an hour. Sony concludes by saying that after this conference, "there will still be a lot to discover".

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