Nubia RedMagic 5G, a performance monster

by Jerry

The smartphone market is increasingly home to gaming-oriented devices. The latest nugget in this area is the Nubia RedMagic 5G, an amazing mobile both in terms of its design and performance, and all for a really interesting value. A device that really deserves attention.

The most fluid smartphone screen on the market

The Nubia RedMagic 5G is equipped with a 6.65-inch AMOLED display. The manufacturer designed it to offer the best video game experience possible on mobile. He decided not to integrate the front-facing photo sensor into a notch or punch to ensure good visibility in-game.

But the most impressive feature is without a doubt its refresh frequency of 144 Hz, unheard of on a smartphone slab. The standard is still at 60 Hz, while some rare high-end display up to 90 or 120 Hz maximum. These 144 Hz allow you to get an incomparable fluidity and feeling, whether you're just browsing your mobile or playing. On nervous shoot games or running games, the difference is very noticeable and stunning.

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The audio is not left out. Sound is an important component of immersion in a video game. With stereo speakers and a 3.5mm 32-bit 384 kHz-compatible jack, Nubia understands this and offers the tools needed for a quality sound experience.

Premium performance

To support this formidable display, the brand has opted for the best chip currently available on the market: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865, engraved using the 7nm process. At once extremely powerful and energy efficient, this is the perfect SoC for a high-end gaming smartphone like the Nubia RedMagic 5G.

With 8 or 12GB of RAM (depending on the configuration chosen), the mobile is also very well equipped with RAM. Enough to prevent any lag or slowdown.

It should also be noted that the UFS 3.0 storage technology used on the device allows for faster installation of applications and games than on most smartphone models, as well as more efficient file transfer.

On the software side, Nubia's Game Space allows you to immerse yourself in a game without fear of being interrupted by a notification or call. Enough to reinforce the immersion dear to all demanding gamers.

A big battery with an ultra-fast charge

Laptops or smartphones, the recurring problem with gaming devices is autonomy. The video game is resource-intensive and benefiting from the best performance inevitably has an impact on the battery.

The manufacturer has thought about this by integrating a massive battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh. Enough to hold long sessions of play. And if there's a lack of energy, don't worry: the Nubia RedMagic 5G supports one of the fastest charging technologies on the market with a suitable compatible charger.

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5G compatible, essential in 2020

The first 5G packages in France must be marketed by operators by the beginning of 2020. If you buy a smartphone today and you plan to keep it for several years, it's best to opt for a model that supports 5G connectivity, which will gradually become a force.

As the name suggests, the Nubia RedMagic 5G is compatible. With 5G, you'll be able to play without latency and enjoy exceptional speeds for online gaming, downloads or video streaming. On the home network, performance is also on the agenda as the smartphone meets the new WiFi 6 standard.

Streamers will be delighted to learn that Nubia has thought about integrating HDMI compatibility.

Very attractive value for money

And perhaps now comes the best news: the Nubia RedMagic 5G is really cheap. AMOLED 144 Hz display, UFS 3.0 storage, 55W charging, 5G compatibility, Snapdragon 865… All this is going to be close to 1000 euros, you probably say? That nenni.

The smartphone is sold in France at a competitive price of 579 euros for the Eclipse Black variant with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. And for 649 euros, you can leave with a Nubia RedMagic 5G Pulse equipped with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory. Cheap paid given the performance offered by this product.

With such an interesting value for money, the Nubia RedMagic 5G may well get ahead of the competition at a time when the price of high-end OnePlus and Xiaomi continues to rise to get closer to the very expensive prices charged by Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

Finally, pre-ordering of the Hot Rod Red version of the RedMagic is available from June 1 to June 8, 2020. 1% of Hot Rod Red's pre-order sales will go to Child's Play, a non-profit charity.

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