Ghost of Tsushima pulls out its final trailer just days before the launch

by Jerry

Ghost of Tsushima announces its imminent arrival on PS4 via an explosive trailer, mixing duel to death, exploration and stealth assassination. After a three-week release postponement, the players will finally be able to lay their hands on the latest title of the studio Sucker Punch.

Credits: Sony

Originally announced at Paris Games Week 2017, the very promising Ghost of Tsushima will have taken its time before arriving on our PS4. But that's it, the wait is coming to an end. After a postponement of release due to coronavirus, the action-adventure game Samurai sauce of the studio Sucker Punch finally arrives this July 17.

To celebrate this launch, the fathers ofInfamous have just released a final launch trailer. The opportunity to (re)discover in a minute the whole atmosphere of madness of Ghost of Tsushima, between duel to death, stealth assassination, epic music, artistic direction with small onions for an unprecedented immersion in feudal Japan of the Kamakura era.

Don't forget the Day One patch

Note that you'll still have to be patient for a few moments, since the developers have confirmed the presence of a 7.7GB patch at launch. This update will fix some bugs that could not be fixed before the industrial duplication of the game. In addition, some country-specific content should also be added.

After a beloved The Last of Us Part 2, but also decried with unheard-of violence, will Ghost of Tsushima manage to position itself as the last masterpiece of the PS4? Hope brings life as they say, and players from all over the world will be able to find an answer to this question as early as this Friday, July 17, the official release date of Ghost of Tsushima.

And you, do you intend to defend the Mongol invasion as the ronin Jin Sakai? Or perhaps you'd rather take your turn and focus on the no less expected Cyberpunk 2077? Tell us in the comments!

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