PS5: the disappearance of loading times has a big disadvantage, here's which

by Jerry

The PS5 (just like the Xbox Series X), will no longer have loading screens. A revolution in the world of video games that will force developers to rethink the way they communicate information to players. Indeed, these loading screens were very useful for transmitting crucial data.

Loading screens are coming soon from the past! The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be equipped with high-performance SSDs that, in theory, will remove all loads. A boon for players and developers! No one likes to wait, let alone in front of a screen when you want to play.

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However, Ryan Shah, boss of Kitatus and Friends, points to an interesting aspect about the lack of loading. In the WCCFtech columns, he says that the disappearance of charging screens will change the habits of players and developers for a good reason: they will no longer be able to use them to transmit information.

How do I pass on vital information to players?

Developers have long learned to take advantage of the time offs inherent in the media. On static loading screens, there are often gameplay tips (tap A to jump) or in-depth game-making. Other developers had come up with ideas for effectively furnishing those few seconds, such as mini-games or mood sequences. Shah takes the example of Resident Evil's doors, which were just hidden loading times:

"The doors of the first Resident Evil are the perfect example, you know. If today you include them, it would no longer be an aesthetic choice than something important to hide a load. »

He then adds:

"But it also comes with a drawback. There are clues about the plot and tips on how to play in games like Fallout 4 and even in Soulsborne. We put it in the loading screens, because it's part of the idea of "here's the game, throw it and play". »

But all this will disappear, which will leave a void for developers:

"From now on, they (the developers) don't have that trick anymore. They will have to think of another way to deliver this information, which is interesting. It's not something people are thinking about right now."

This is an important thing that will push creators to rethink the way the player approaches a title. How do you transmit vital information before the game even starts without going through that screen? A new way of working that should confuse some developers at first.

Source: wccftech

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