PS5: The console weighs almost 5 kg, as much as the PlayStation 3 of 13 years ago!

by Jerry

The fact sheet of a PS5 appeared on Amazon Germany reveals that the console weighs nearly 5 kg. A weight up sharply compared to the previous generation, and that brings the console closer to the PS3 which was also very heavy. Its competitor, the Xbox Series X, is expected to show a similar weight, greatly weighed down by its cooling solution.

Credits: Sony

It has been known since the presentation of the PlayStation 5's design – and clever scale-ups of the device based on the size of the Blu-Ray player slot – that the console will have a very large size. We may also now know its exact weight thanks to Amazon Germany: according to a listing, the console would weigh 4.78 kg in standard version. The Digital Edition variant also weighs 4.78 kg depending on its listing, but one of them is suspected to be wrong, since the version without a Blu-Ray player should necessarily weigh less weight.

The PS5, a heavyweight literally and figuratively

For comparison, the PlayStation 4 weighed 2.8 kg in standard version and 3.3 kg in Pro version. The PlayStation 5 is thus close to this point of view of the PS3 released 13 years ago with a weight of 5 kg. Enough to muscle your arms a little when you pick up the console in store. Another listing linked to those of the PS5 on the Amazon site also gives weight and dimensions for the DualSense controller. Thus the device would make 20.1 x 7.7 x 17.7 cm for a weight of 998 g. For comparison, the current DualShock 4 controller is 16.1 x 5.7 x 10.0 cm for a weight of 210 g.

If these figures are confirmed, then it means that the DualSense controller will also be a monster – but we must say that this difference in size and especially of weight between the two controllers makes us doubt the reliability of this data. However, theweight of the console itself is in the tones of what was expected. Moreover, its competitor, the Xbox Series X, should also display around 5 kg with an expected weight of 4.45 kg. It must be said that there is a very good reason for this: we are talking about very powerful machines that require an imposing solution of heat dissipation.

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This means using a lot of metals like copper which inevitably weighs down the device. What do you think of this weight? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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