Galaxy Note 20: Samsung would increasingly abandon its Exynos 990 for the Snapdragon 86…

by Jerry

After the Galaxy S20, Samsung would continue to animate korean versions of its flagships with Snapdragon chipsets and no longer Exynos. The Galaxy Note 20 and galaxy Note 20 Ultra local would benefit from the Snapdragon 865 because it would be faster in 5G and offer better graphics capabilities.

Samsung is increasingly moving away from its own chipsets to equip its most prestigious models. The Galaxy Fold, the firm's first smartphone with a flexible screen, only exists in Snapdragon 855. The Korean versions of the Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Ultra incorporated a Snapdragon 865. Usually, Samsung used Snapdragon only in China or the United States for compatibility reasons.

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A new rumor, from a Korean media, claims that Samsung will preserve with the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The Korean versions, originally expected with the Exynos 990 (and not with the so-called Exynos 992), would therefore carry a Snapdragon. And not just any one since it would be the Snapdragon 865. The supercharged version of the Snapdragon 865, mentioned earlier in our columns, will logically equip the American and Chinese versions of flagships.

Snapdragon outclass Exynos

There are three reasons for this choice. First, the Snapdragon 865 would have more computational capacity in its graphics processor. Numerous technical tests show that theAdreno 650 of the SD865 is above theARM Mali-G77 MP11 of the Exynos 990. The first develops a power of 1250 GLOPs and the second 1126 GFLOPs. Second, Qualcomm's modems would perform better in 5G than Samsung's modems. Finally, Snapdragons would be less energy-intensive.

Of course, we can only ask ourselves whether Europe will also receive the same treatment, or whether we will have to settle for a less interesting Exynos version, as was mentioned recently. According to the Korean media, Samsung could continue to use Snapdragon chipsets in its domestic market until the Exynos catch up on the graphics. It should be remembered that integration into the Exynos of GPU developed with AMD is not expected until 2021. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will really be ready for the successors to the Galaxy S20.

Source: DDaily

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