Samsung develops Exynos 5 nm processor for Windows ARM PCs

by Jerry

Samsung is reportedly developing an Exynos processor for Windows ARM PCs. According to the report taken up by Sam Mobile, it would be an Exynos 1000. The manufacturer gives the impression of seeking to increase the market share of its Exynos processors, quite the opposite of what one might have thought several months ago…

According to a report taken up by our colleagues at Sam Mobile, the research and development teams of its Exynos semiconductor division are running at full throttle. Samsung is reportedly developing an Exynos processor for Windows ARM PCs. SoC Exynos were until now mainly offered in European versions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. According to the blog, Samsung would adapt its future chip Exynos 1000 5 nm, which could change its name and be called Exynos 1.

Samsung intends not to leave Qualcomm alone in the SoC ARM market for Always Connected PCs

We've been talking about the future SoC Exynos 1000 for several weeks now. This should be the first Samsung SoC built around standard ARM cores. The manufacturer's customizations are not as convincing as in the past: for several years now, the performance of Exynos processors is increasingly frankly below the performance of their Qualcomm Snapdragon counterparts. Samsung has decided to close its U.S. research center where these customizations were carried out.

However, while one might think that the manufacturer would simply abandon its Exynos chips, we learned, on the contrary, that Samsung is looking to expand their market share. Samsung recently entered into a contract with Vivo to supply its chips. The manufacturer has since launched several smartphone models under Exynos 980 and 880. The development of SoC for PCs could be the next step.

And it's not really hard to understand why. For now, only Qualcomm is developing ARM processors for so-called "Always connected" PCs (Snapdragon 8cx, 8c and 7c). Apple has also announced its intention to switch to its own ARM silicon – which should push the competition to do the same. The ARM architecture has many advantages: it is designed to limit energy consumption, and it is possible to put everything on the same piece of silicon – GPU, CPU, DSP and other computing units.

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This is the prerequisite for creating computers with interstellar battery life, and this is expected to grow strongly in the coming years.

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