Galaxy Note 20: its glass would be more fragile than that of the Note 10 released last year

by Jerry

Leaks of information about Samsung's future smartphones are raining down. The latest: the screen Galaxy Note 20's 6.7-inch Full HD AMOLED should be in Gorilla Glass 5, a much less robust design than the Galaxy Note 10.

 The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra continue to stand out on the web. For example, a recent leak revealed several official images revealing all the colours that will be offered by Samsung. Among all their new features, the Galaxy Note 20 could be expected to have a more robust screen — or a similar level of protection — than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 10.

The Note 20 would use the same glass as the Note 7 released 4 years ago

Unfortunately, it would seem that this is not the case, according to our colleagues at SamMobile. Indeed, the 6.7-inch uncudged AMOLED display of the Note S20 would finally be in Gorilla Glass 5, the same glass used for the Galaxy Note 7… Unveiled in the fall of 2016, four years ago. This information only amplifies what we already knew, namely that the standard version of the S20 is already disappointing, especially in comparison with the S20 Ultra.

This information also comes after the revelation of the release of the Gorilla Glass Victus by Corning, a brand new glass that should initially equip the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The screen of a smartphone equipped with such glass would be able to not break after a fall of two meters according to Corning, while offering a scratch resistance twice as high as the Gorilla Glass 6 — the generation that currently equips the Note S10. For comparison, the Gorilla Glass 6 allows a glass to survive a fall of about sixty meters.

The gap continues to widen between the Note S20 and the Note S20 Ultra. As a reminder, the basic model would have a screen with a definition of 2345 × 1084 pixels in 60 Hz, while the model would offer a definition of 3069 × 1444 pixels in 120 Hz. Moreover, and if you are still hesitating between the Galaxy S20, S20 or S20 Ultra, our comparison is available to better perceive their differences.

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