PS5: the price of games soars, Sony will sell some titles at 80 euros at the launch

by Jerry

Sony has announced the price of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 499 euros and 399 euros. The consoles will be cheaper than expected, but the craze quickly dropped after the publication of the price of the games. Some will be sold for 80 euros, while they are not even collector's versions. And it is the players on PS5 Digital Edition who will suffer the most this inflation.

Marvel's Spider-Man as Miles Morales

Games will be more expensive on new game consoles than on current machines. This is despite the fact that digital sales are growing strongly, thus reducing not only manufacturing costs (raw material, machining, logistics), but also distribution costs, since intermediaries are scarcer.

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We want to prove the prices announced by Sony. If the prices of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be more contained(499 euros and 399 euros respectively)and if the prices of accessories is not exorbitant (70 euros for the excellent Dualsense), the game is not quite so. Indeed, while some titles remain in the same range as ps4 games, others have not had the same luck.

Games sold for 80 euros, excluding DLC or in-app purchases

Sony has therefore formalized the price of four games and a limited version. Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales will be available for 60 euros. It must be said that this version only includes the adventure of the alternative spider-man. For those who want to remaster the first Marvel's Spider-Man, you'll need the Ultimate version. It is sold for 80 euros. And there, right away, it's less nice for the wallet. Especially since it doesn't even include potential DLCs.

Another game at the price mastered, Sackboy – A Big Adventure. The adventures of the friendly hero of LittleBigPlanet will be sold for 70 euros. It's already a little more expensive, but that's the amount of a PS4 game. Finally, we come to the titles that hurt: Demon's Souls and Destruction All Stars. Both will be sold, in standard version, at 80 euros. That's a small inflation of 15% compared to the games of the current generation.

There are two problems with these prices. First, the amount requested in euro does not respect the euro/dollar parity (let alone the exchange rates). Demon's Souls is sold across the Atlantic for $70. That's 59 euros depending on today's exchange rate. Why do European players have to pay 33% more? Second, if PS5 players can afford to wait a few weeks to buy the game on occasion, the owners of a PS5 Digital Edition will not have this freedom. Demon's Souls (always him) will certainly be promoted digitally. But how long will it take to wait for this?

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