PS5 retrocompatible: 99% of PS4 games will run on the console promises the boss of PlayS …

by Jerry

The PS5 will be 99% retrocompatible with PS4 games according to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan. About 20 PS4 games will be available at launch via the PlayStation Plus subscription. The situation already seems much better than when the PS3 was launched.

If you followed our live last night, we now know the price and release date of ps5 and PS5 All-Digital Edition: consoles will be available in France on November 19 at 499 euros and 399 eurosrespectively. A price that sticks, by the way, with that of the Xbox Series X, but that remains less competitive in the digital segment, since Microsoft sells its Xbox Series S 299.99 . Sony also unveiled 6 exclusives available at launch. This invites you to wonder if it will still be possible to play PS4 titles on the day you can use the console. However, according to Sony, there is no reason to worry: PS4 games will be retrocompatible "99%" with the new console and "thousands" of games have already been tested.

The news is from an interview with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan at The Washington Post. In it, he explains that "no one will have any reason to be disappointed." In addition, the PS5 exclusives will be released simultaneously on PS4: "The PS5 version of these games has been rebuilt from 0 to take advantage of the ps5 features, and we have an upgrade program for PS4 users allowing them to get the PS5 version for free. This allows players to have a choice. I'm quite excited about this situation." Sony is well aware that the ps5 adoption rate will take time to strengthen. And wants to please both PS5 players as well as those who are still on PS4.

In addition to this vast PS4 retrocompatibility, Sony is expected to deliver 18 PS4 games to download as part of the PS Plus Collection subscription – with titles like God of War, The Last of Us: Remastered, and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. From this point of view, the situation seems much better than when the PS4 was launched in 2013. No PS3 games were available at launch, and it wasn't until The arrival of PlayStation Now to enjoy a small selection of PS3 games (and now also a handful of PS2 and PS1 games). Players will also appreciate the fact that Sony is now talking about "thousands" of titles tested against the "hundred" of PS4 games teased by the brand a few months earlier.

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