Xiaomi strengthens security but does not want to be known for “Pix cell phone”

by Jerry

Reports of cell phone thefts and unauthorized transactions led some people to buy a “Pix phone.” Basically, it’s a device to focus all the banking apps and stay at home. Because it is secondary and performs only basic tasks, it can be a cheap model. Xiaomi has noticed the demand, but it does not want to be known by this title.

“We’ve been able to keep up with this movement of searching for a second smartphone since the end of last year,” says Luciano Barbosa, head of the Xiaomi project in Brazil. “We don’t want to generate smartphone sales flow to be just the Pix handset.”

To refute this association, the brand has disclosed that their devices have a feature that blocks specific apps.

The feature is in settings, in the “Apps” item, then in “App Lock” and finally in “Hidden Apps.” The user can choose which applications will be protected. To access them, you need to use a password (which does not have to be the same as the device) or other biometrics.

Xiaomi wants attention to premium handsets
No brand wants to be seen as the cheapest or the one that serves only to break a branch. The strategy is to reinforce that Xiaomi smartphones can be your main device away from home, with banking apps and everything.

It’s kind of absurd to say that a smartphone can be used outside the home, right? But unfortunately this has become an issue in recent times.

“In addition to the security provided by the practicality found in Xiaomi’s exclusive interface, users continue with the ease of having the device ready to make transactions or last-minute payments and save by avoiding the purchase of the second smartphone,” the statement said.

Translating: don’t just buy us cheap smartphone, take a more expensive one, it protects your banking apps.

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