Apple will require every App Store app to make it easier to delete your account

by Jerry

Do you know how many accounts you’ve created out there, in services of the most different types, and just left it behind? I have no idea mine. Apple wants to give a little help in this matter: the applications will be required to put an option to delete account without complications.

Under the new guidelines, every app in the App Store will need to have an easy-to-find account closure.

The company also determines that if you need to visit a website to complete the process, the application must include a link directly to the required page. This is the case of Instagram, for example.

Another standard mandates that users should be informed correctly. If the deletion process is going to take time to complete, the client should be aware of this. If the app has subscriptions or charges, the developer should explain how this situation will be conducted.

And it’s no use putting only options to temporarily deactivate the account. The rule states that “people should have the option to delete their accounts and personal data.”

The change has a date to start to apply: June 30, 2022. The standards were scheduled for January 2022, but the developers gained extra time.

Apple bets on privacy
Apple’s justification is to give more control over shared personal data. This policy is in line with recent regulations on the subject, such as the GDPR of the European Union and the LGPD of Brazil.

Forgotten accounts also put user security at risk. Leaks can include passwords reused in other services, opening a door to attacks and intrusions.

It’s been a while since Apple adopted privacy as a flag. Whether by marketing or not, the brand’s products have been gaining interesting features.

This is the case, for example, of Hide My Email, which creates “fake” addresses and redirects messages—a way not to associate your personal email with every sign-up.

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