Xbox Live: Microsoft announces measures to keep its network running

by Jerry

Microsoft reveals that the Xbox Live network had to go through some adjustments to hold the load during containment. Like Sony, Redmond's firm is experiencing an explosion in the number of people connected simultaneously. A new illustration of how coronavirus affects internet players.

An Xbox Elite Controller 2 / Credits: Microsoft

We were talking yesterday about Sony following the situation closely so that PlayStation Network maintains a high quality of service during the containment of coronavirus. With quarantine measures, the PlayStation Network is experiencing record usage. As a result, there were concerns about whether similar measures should be taken by competitors.

Well it seems that Microsoft has taken the same precautions with Xbox Live. In a press release, Xbox President of the Services Division Dave McCarthy explained that the company "actively monitors the use [of the Xbox network] and makes the necessary temporary adjustments to ensure that players have the best possible gaming experience."

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The coronavirus pandemic is an exceptional event, and the first of its kind in the Internet age- which still has the advantage of allowing millions of people to cheat boredom at a time of severe restriction of their freedom of movement. However, the networks of internet service providers and mobile operators have suddenly reached levels of traffic that they did not expect for several years.

For the time being, the network is holding, but the players in the sector have had to deploy thousands of technicians in the territory. As an additional measure, the authorities successfully advocated with Netflix, Disney, Amazon and YouTube to temporarily reduce the quality of the videos to generate less traffic.

Source: Engadget

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