Galaxy Note 20: The battery is almost impossible to replace!

by Jerry

A YouTube channel specializing in the dismantling of electronic products has posted a video on the Galaxy Note 20. Once the hull is laid bare, we discover a small space and a battery difficult to reach. This obviously makes it difficult to replace it in the event of a breakdown.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra earlier this month. The latter was the subject of a complete test this week which shows that the phablet relies on very beautiful qualities in terms of screen, platform and autonomy, not to mention the beautiful design of the Mystic Bronze version that is so much talked about.

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Today, August 21, 2020, is the day of the official commercial release of the two smartphones in store. And of course, some journalists have bought copies of them for some tests, including proper dismantling. The first to draw their video on YouTube are the PBK Review channel. The technicians of it dismantled the Galaxy Note 20 (not the Ultra version) and reassembled it in the wake.

Galaxy Note 20: a battery placed to the millimeter

This video lasts 8 minutes and we discover that the inside of the smartphone is very optimized. It is difficult to slip a screwdriver or a pick in order to unplug the tablecloths and cables that connect the different cards with the components. The main point is about the battery. The location that is planned for it is millimetered. Taking off from the back of the screen is a test for tools, for materials… and for the nerves.

Once it is removed, we discover a sticker behind which is the optical fingerprint reader. We also learn that the back of the Galaxy Note 20 is flexible. This confirms that Samsung has chosen a polycarbonate shell for this version and not mineral glass.

This dismantling session is similar to that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra made by iFixit at the beginning of the year. The findings of the repair specialist are relatively similar to those discussed here. IFixit noted the smartphone 3 out of 10, explaining that the glue and glass design make it almost impossible to repair without external damage.

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