LG G5 Lite: the little brother of the G5 unveils his technical sheet

by Jerry

LG has already confirmed the existence of its next flagship, the LG G5, which will be unveiled in a few days on the eve of MWC 2016. For those who do not know, it has the code name H830. Today we're going to tell you about a mysterious model codenamed H840.

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LG G4s (or G4 Beat)

As we know, the LG G5 will be presented this Sunday, February 21, along with its biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S7. But just days before its presentation, a mysterious device appears on GFXBench, an LG H840, which should, if we follow the logic of numbers, be more evolved than the H830, which corresponds to the G5. Rest assured, this is obviously not the case.

It would appear that the LG H840 has 3GB and 32GB of internal storage, whether it is equipped with a 5.3-inch Quad HD resolution display,which is smaller than the G5 and its diagonal approaching 5.6 inches. He would be equipped with a Snapdragon 625, which can only fight the impressive Snapdragon 820 of the G5.

The front and back camera would have the same definition of 8 MPx, but you should always be wary of benchmarks, especially regarding the definition of cameras. The most amazing thing comes from the fact that it would run Android 4.4 KitKat, which is certainly a mistake because you can't imagine the smartphone not running under Marshmallow, or at worst Lollipop.

It is not yet known whether it will have the feature to see notifications without turning on the screen, such as the G5. So it seems to be a "Lite" version of the LG G5, as the G4 Beat (or G4s) may have been compared to the LG G4. We do not know if this phone would be announced on February 21st, but we will of course keep you informed.

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