Nintendo Switch: The first video streaming app arrives this week

by Jerry

Starting tomorrow, Japanese Nintendo Switch users will be able to enjoy a first video streaming app for the famous console. This is Niconico, a service similar to YouTube very popular in the video game world.

The Nintendo Switch sells very well. And for good reason, this is a great console,which has given life to Nintendo's passion for many players. However, for all its qualities, this machine is not totally devoid of defects.

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has sorely lacking a video streaming app like Netflix or Hulu. Nintendo had promised to implement such a service quickly, but it is clear that the firm has not yet kept its promise. This week, however, four months after the release of the machine, a first application of this acabit will be made available to users.

This is Niconico, a streaming site often compared to YouTube. This application is distinguished primarily by the way user comments are displayed. Indeed, the comments are directly superimposed on the livestreams.

Nintendo Switch: Niconico video service available in Japan from July 13, 2017

Japanese video game companies often use this service to advertise or broadcast live events. It is therefore understandable that Niconico was chosen as the first video application for the Nintendo Switch. It was also the first video application for Sony's PlayStation Vita.

It would appear that companies are allowed to publish applications on the Switch eShop directly, without having to wait for a major system update. As a result, it is possible that other video streaming apps will soon be available on the console.

For now, however, Niconico will only be available to Japanese users from July 13. It is not known whether Nintendo intends to offer this service to European and American users. Anyway, remember that the Nintendo Switch will soon be cracked, and that it will surely be possible to use applications available exclusively abroad.

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