Xbox One X: The console shuts down on its own after a few hours of play!

by Jerry

The Xbox One X, Microsoft's new super-powerful console, is the victim of a serious malfunction. Many users claim that their new console goes off after several hours of play and refuses to turn on again. The latest news is that the power cable that comes with the Xbox One X is the cause of the problem.

Less than a week after its release in stores on November 7, Microsoft's console is already the victim of a serious problem. According to testimonials collected on the Reddit forum and on ResetEra, after a short period of play (some talk about minutes and others a few hours), the console goes off on its own and even refuses to restart.

Xbox One X: the console's power cable suffers a serious failure

Several testimonials are visible online and on social networks but we still do not know the official cause of the outage. Some users, annoyed at not being able to take advantage of their purchase, investigated and quickly realized that it is the power cable that is, at first glance, the cause of this concern. If you have the same problem as them, they advise you to change cables, opt for a generic model or reuse the old cable on your previous Xbox. The trick seems to be paying off. So there is every reason to believe that the cable that comes with the Xbox One X has a manufacturing problem. The extent of the outage is not yet known.

This is not the only problem reported but it is probably one of the most worrying. Other buyers also claim to be having big problems with LG's OLED TVs. There are also some latencys in some video games optimized for the console's unusual technical capabilities. No doubt video game publishers as well as Microsoft will address these few issues in the coming days. If you want to buy the Xbox One X, find out where to buy it at the best price.

A few minutes of play, then… noise – shutdown of the console. Xbox One X at €499 for a pretty annoying bug. No response from Microsoft support.

— Papapascontent (@Papspascontent) November 10, 2017

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