Xbox One: Google Assistant and Alexa arrive on console

by Jerry

The Xbox One will soon be entitled to an update that will allow it to support Google Assistant as well as Alexa in addition to Cortana. In the console settings, a new "Digital Assistants" menu appears, in which it is possible to turn this feature on or off. Alexa's arrival on Xbox is not really a surprise given that we know that Microsoft and Amazon have been working together on projects related to their voice assistants since August 2017. However, it was less expected for Google Assistant.

According to information from Windows Central, which cites"a source of trust",the Xbox One will soon be compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. In an upcoming update, a new "Digital Assistants" menu will be offered in the console settings, in the kinect section and the devices. This upcoming feature will enable you to turn"Cortana, Alexa, or Google Assistant on your Xbox"turn on or off.

Xbox One: an update will support Google Assistant and Alexa

At the moment, we don't really know what will be possible or not with Alexa and Google Assistant on the Microsoft console. Currently, only the Cortana home assistant is supported, but either through Kinect or through a headset. This better integration of voice assistants should help to overcome this obstacle. On the other hand, their usefulness should be limited with interactions with the Xbox (launch of an app or a game for example), no question of ordering a taxi or pizza via its console for now.

Alexa's support on Xbox One isn't really a surprise. We know that Microsoft and Amazon have been working together on projects related to Cortana and Alexa since August 2017. Windows Central explains that it is also a source close to the reconciliation program between the two assistants that is behind this information and the screenshot below. On the other hand, we are more surprised by the compatibility with Google Assistant.

Credit: Windows Central

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