Xbox One: the adaptive controller for disabled players is available in France at 90 eur…

by Jerry

Update 05/09/2018: Microsoft has announced that its adaptive controller is now available in France. It is available on the group's official store for 89.99 euros. It's designed to make it easier for players with disabilities to enjoy their Xbox and improve accessibility. Note that it is also compatible with the Windows 10 environment. 

Xbox Ones have a new controller. This one has been designed to allow some players with disabilities to enjoy the console. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is easy to use, adaptable and affordable. The possibilities of settings are numerous, the aim being that it can be exploited by as many people as possible. Also compatible Windows 10, it will be available before the end of 2018 at a price of 90 euros.

Microsoft has just announced the Xbox Adaptive Handle,a gamepad whose goal is to reduce inaccessibility to video games. It is intended for players with disabilities that make video game practice difficult or impossible. This controller should help to remove certain barriers, as existing solutions are often costly or complicated to put in place.

Xbox: a controller designed for gamers with disabilities

Microsoft describes its controller as"usable, adaptable and affordable." It has been developed in partnership with organisations as well as with players with reduced mobility. It is highly adjustable so that everyone can modulate it according to their needs. The Xbox Adaptive is also compatible with many other accessibility accessories available on the market. Its 2 USB ports and 19 3.5 mm jack ports located at the back of the case allow to connect these third-party equipment. It aims to be a foundation for creating a play environment for people with disabilities.

"All the features of the classic Xbox wireless controllers are also available, such as wireless connection, Bluetooth, USB connection and a 3.5mm stereo socket. The adaptive controller works with a lithium-ion battery rechargeable by USB type-C or on power sector,"microsoft explains. The Xbox Adaptive Controller will be Xbox One and Windows 10 compatible. Its release is scheduled for the second half of 2018. It will be sold for 90 euros and will only be available through the Microsoft Store.

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