Xbox: Microsoft launches Project xCloud, a streaming service to play the console on…

by Jerry

Playing Xbox streaming on your smartphone becomes a reality with Microsoft's Project xCloud, a cloud gaming service that allows you to enjoy console titles on other Android screens. A wireless Xbox One controller connected to the smartphone or tablet allows you to play, but a touch interface is also available via the device screen. A competitor to Google's Project Stream.

Microsoft announced on October 8, 2018 its Project xCloud, a streaming platform for video games that allows you to enjoy Xbox titles on a wider variety of screens, including our Android smartphones and tablets. Among the first games tested with this system are particularly greedy AAA titles like Halo 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves. Where to play Xbox Game Pass games right on your smartphone.

Xbox: Microsoft announces project xCloud, to play console streaming on its smartphone

There are several ways for players to play Xbox catalogue games on their smartphone. The most convenient is to go through a wireless Xbox One controller connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Another solution, offering a less intuitive and convenient grip, go through an interface designed for the smartphone directly implemented on the screen. As with any mobile game in fact. But the titles mentioned above have been thought for console or PC, not sure that the maneuverability is perfect compared to a gamepad or keyboard-mouse combo, which will be compatible with the Xbox One soon.

Microsoft will use its Azure cloud platform to achieve this technological feat, which is still in its infancy. The development of 5G will allow cloud gaming to reach a real milestone. In early October 2018, Google announced Project Stream, a video game streaming service on Chrome. Players outside the company have already been able to try it out with Assassin's Creed Odyssey.


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