Microsoft releases list of most anticipated Xbox games in 2020

by Jerry

Microsoft has just released a list of its most anticipated Xbox games in 2020. We find the future Xbox Game Studios productions as well as the titles of the partners of the Redmond firm. One thing is certain, this new year promises to be exciting for Xbox One owners.

Credits: Phonandroid

The Xbox Series X may occupy the media scene, but its big sister Xbox One still has it under the elbow and intends to offer a plethora of games for the year 2020. In a way that will put a mouthful for gamers, Microsoft has just released its list of the most anticipated Xbox games in 2020. It includes future Xbox Game Studio productions and titles from the manufacturer's various partners.

"Inthe first half of next year, we plan to release a diverse line-up of xbox Game Studios and our partners titles, continue rolling out the first phase of Project xCloud testing to new territories and devices, and expand the catalog of titles available in the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC!" the company said in an official statement.

And since most of the editorial staff are savvy gamers, we worked together to choose from this long list the 5 games we expect the most in 2020 on Xbox One and PC (see Xbox Series X for some). Here's our ranking:

Cyberpunk 2077: THE future masterpiece of CD Projekt

Talking about a masterpiece seems a bit premature, but we know the work of the Polish CD Projekt. After working brilliantly on the license The Witcher, the developers decided to tackle science fiction with their new title: Cyberpunk 2077. An action-adventure RPG with disproportionate ambitions, which draw inspiration from the side of Deus Ex, Bioshock, Blade Runner or WestWorld. The wait is getting longer and longer.

Doom Eternal: the return of the king of fast-FPS

After a critically acclaimed return to home and player acclaim in 2016, developers at id Software announced the doomguy's big comeback in Doom Eternal. On the program, more and more infernal demons to fiddle with, shovel weapons, tears, guts and blood. As a bonus, an asymmetrical multiplayer mode that will see 4 players compete against each other. Three will control creatures from the underworld, while the lone player will play as doomguy and will have to survive the onslaught of other players.

Credits: id Software
Eternal Doom will invite you to discover the origins of DoomGuy

Halo Infinite: Microsoft's flagship series will accompany the Xbox Series X

No need to present Halo, the flagship series of Microsoft and Bungie, today in the hands of the developers of 343 Industries. After a 5-year absence(Halo Guardians, the last canonical episode, was released in 2015), the Master Chief returns to accompany the launch of Microsoft's new home console: the Xbox Series X. A new threat from elsewhere, the return of the iconic hero, and a brand new graphics engine, the Slipspace Engine, make this Halo Infinite one of the most anticipated games by Xbox players.

Gears Tactics: Gears finally get started on strategy

Exit the third-person view and chainsaw carvings, the Gears Of War universe will be a strategy game in 2020 with Gears Tactics. In this real-time STR, players will be able to discover the origins of locusts and the decline of humanity on the planet Sera. The story of the title takes place 12 years before the events of the first Gears Of War. More than the storyline, we're waiting to see what the gameplay of this promising title holds, strongly reminiscent of what the Halolicense had done with the Halo Warsstrategy games.

Credits: The Coalition
Switching from GST to real-time strategy is Gears Tactics' crazy bet

Ori and The Will Of The Wisps: Discover Ori's fate

The direct sequel to one of the most beautiful and best platform games of recent years. We find the beauty ofOri's world and the work of goldsmiths of the talented developers of Moon Studios. We hope for an adventure perhaps a longer one than that of his elder, but just as intense and poetic. If you haven't done the first one, go for it!

Credits: Moon Studios It is hoped that Ori's new adventures will erase the very rare flaws of the first episode

So much for our personal ranking but among this list we could also mention:

  • 12 Minutes
  • Age Of Empire III Remastered
  • BattleToads
  • Bleeding Edge
  • CrossFire X
  • CupHead: The Delicious Last Course
  • Drake Hollow
  • Kingdom Hearts III – Re:Mind
  • Last Stop
  • Marvel's Avengers
  • Microsoft's Flight Simulator
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Minecraft Earth
  • Ori and the Will of The Wisps
  • Psychonauts 2
  • Rust
  • Tell me Why
  • The Artful Escape
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2
  • Wasteland 3
  • West of Dead

And what games do you expect the most in 2020? Tell us in the comments!

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