Xbox Series X: the console that can play Windows games?

by Jerry

The Xbox Series X might be able to play the Windows games available on the Microsoft Store. According to the Italian website Gaming-Experience, Microsoft's console would be equipped with a feature called Windows Mode. This would allow the Xbox Series X to start a special version of Windows 10.

Credits: Phonandroid

The Xbox Series X will undoubtedly be the star of E3 2020, since its main rival will shine by its absence. Indeed, Sony has decided to introduce the PS5 away from the great mass of video games in Los Angeles. While waiting for the show to take place from June 9 to 11, 2020, the information about Xbox Series X is made and unraveled according to rumors and revelations from Microsoft.

For example, Redmond's firm has confirmed that the Xbox Series X will offer a complete retrocompatibility, which will cover all Xbox generations, from the first Xbox of the name, through the 360 and the One. This means that players will be able to find their entire Xbox play library on Xbox Series X. However, according to a rumor relayed by our colleagues of the site Gaming-Experience, Microsoft has also planned something for PC players.

According to Gaming-Experience, the Xbox Series X would be able to run the Windows games available on the Microsoft Store,via a new feature called"Windows mode". In practical terms, this mode would allow the console to run under a special version of Windows 10, so that it can launch Windows games and applications. It is not specified whether this mode literally turns the Xbox Series X into a PC or if it just offers the ability to play Windows games.

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A potentially huge catalogue of games

In addition, Gaming-Experience states that players could launch certain stores and launchers such as Steam or the Epic Games Store directly on their Xbox Series X, in order to access their gaming collection. But this part seems unlikely, in the sense that Microsoft would have no interest in opening its console to competing stores. In any case, if this information is proven, Xbox Series X owners could enjoy a catalog of substantial games, among very good PC exclusives like the next Age of Empires 4 for example.

Microsoft is looking to interconnect its various platforms: Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, and xCloud are designed to train complementary services designed for the player. Maybe the manufacturer would like to graft the PC to this synergy. For now, you have to take this information with tweezers.

Source: Game-Experience

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