Forget the PS5: Xbox Series X will be the real star of retrocompatibility

by Jerry

The PS5 will ultimately not be the champion of consoles for retrocompatibility. Microsoft announces that all Xbox One games as well as all retro-compact games with the current iteration will also be available with the Xbox Series X.

Smiles clenched, room empty, monotone tone and overdose of very technical details … the presentation of the ps5 features by Mark Cerny, the chief system architect at Sony, taught us both a lot about useful aspects to developers and not much on the side of what the console will really be for players.

With one exception, and it wasn't really good news. While for weeks seemed to be going a lot of retrocompatibility until the PS1 games, we learned instead that "almost" all the most popular games of the PS4 would be compatible with the launch of the PS5. Without mentioning previous generations.

Retrocompatibility: Microsoft persists and signs

If it is still too early to draw conclusions about the proportion of games actually available at launch, it is, from the outset, a very big disappointment. That could well end up playing to Microsoft's advantage. It's that there's still a constant at Redmond's firm: his talk about the retrocompatibility of the Xbox Series X. In a blog post dated March 16, the firm reiterates that its console will be compatible with "thousands of Xbox One games but also Xbox 360 games and original Xbox games.

He added that these games "will be played even better on Xbox Series X." Microsoft also did not promise full retrocompatibility, since at no time did the firm use the term. But at least seemed to make efforts to ensure that not only many popular up-to-the-first-generation titles remain playable on Xbox Series X – so the focus isn't just on compatibility with the latest immediately iterated.

Now, new drama: as if to respond to the molesse of Sony's apparent retrocompatibility efforts, Microsoft announced yesterday on the official Xbox account that "all games that are already retrocompatible" with the current generation will be with the Xbox Series X "plus all Xbox One games",adds Microsoft. So it's now official: the PS5 will be much less retrocompatible than the Xbox Series X. The score is 2-0 for Microsoft if we add the fact that the Xbox Series X will be more powerful in raw power than the PS5, at least until the next meeting!

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How important is retrocompatibility to you? Tell us everything in the comments!

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