Huawei P40 Pro: an advertisement is already lifting the veil on the smartphone!

by Jerry


The first Australian commercial of the Huawei P40 Pro 5G has just leaked on the web. We discover the design of the smartphone as well as some features like its 50x zoom "Supersensing" but also that Freebuds 3 will be offered in case of pre-order.

Excerpt from advertising for the P40 Pro / Credits: Huawei via Youtube

Huawei will unveil the P40 and P40 Pro at 2 p.m. (Paris). Now the Australian commercial of the Pro version is already on the web since this morning. It seems that this advertisement leaked a few hours before the presentation.

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We discover a rather detailed overview of the design of the P40 Pro 5G. The smartphone has a huge screen that covers almost the entire front surface, with an upper edge barely thicker than the sides, double punch on the corner of the slab, and a light "chin" on the lower part.

The Huawei P40 Pro will have a simple and uncluttered design

The back of the smartphone, which is discovered a grey-metallized version is, with the exception of the logo of the brand in the lower left and the photo sensor set in a black rectangle in the upper left totally purified. This suggests the presence of a fingerprint sensor under the screen.  The chassis of the device looks shiny metal – it may be steel, but this remains to be confirmed.

The ad opens with a plan that highlights the exceptional zoom capabilities of this smartphone. While the P30 Pro sold a 10x quality zoom, Huawei seems to have increased its hybrid magnification capabilities five-fold. A technology that the brand has dubbed 50X Supersensing Zoom.

Another feature shown in this commercial is the Huawei Golden Snap – a feature that mobilizes artificial intelligence to always capture the best photo. The latest plans show that the definition that smartphone does not degrade in low light – what the brand calls "24H Super Definition".

Freebuds 3 available for pre-order before April 15

The advertisement ends on a screen in which we discover that the slogan of this smartphone is Visionary Photography and that Freebuds 3 will be offered for any pre-order before April 15, 2020. The latter plan is the only one where the definition is sufficient to fully read the inscription in the middle of the photo sensors: "LEICA VARIO-SUMMILUX-H 1:1.8 – 3.4/18-125 ASPH."

If some of you know exactly what it means for photo sensors, feel free to tell us in the comments!

By zooming in on the last shot, we can clearly see this inscription in the middle of the photo sensors

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