PS5: Sony builds a catalog of "huge" games for "years"

by Jerry

The PS5 would have a "huge" lineup of games that Sony has been working on for "years" according to Twitch star Maximilien DOOM. The streamer explains that the information was confirmed to him by sources close to the industry.

As Sony prepares to unveil the PS5's gaming catalog, Twitch's star streamer, Maximilien DOOM, explains in a video that he can confirm the arrival of a very large catalog of PS5 games. He explains that he has heard from sources close to the industry and even adds that Sony has been fine-tuning its selection for several years now.

"It's been a long time since [Sony] been working on games," I streamer live to another player. He continued: "Weknow… in any case there have been more and more rumors that Sony has a catalog huge enough to launch their system. We can confirm that – that's what I and Simmons have heard from our friends and contacts in the industry for years. We've been hearing the same thing for literally two years."

Part of this list is already known. Gran Turismo 7, Godfall, Observer System Redux, Quantum Error, Outriders, Gods and Monsters, the remake of Gothic, Rainbow Six Quarantine, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Watch Dog Legion, Dying Light 2, WRC 9, Lords of the Fallen 2 and New Bluepoint Game are known to be.

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However, many other four-star titles are to be confirmed, including Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 2) or Diablo 4. According to the latest rumors, Sony should continue to peel its product, its games and accessories millimeter before a full presentation of the console around the month of June. The PS5 is still on the market in time for the holiday season.

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