PS5: what if Sony's console looked like a PS3?

by Jerry

While waiting to see what the PS5 really looks like, a Dutch designer has come up with a console concept inspired by the DualSense controller that Sony has already introduced. This amazing two-tone design looks eerily like a redesigned and thinned PS3. It will be interesting to see if this concept resembles the final product.

Sony will announce new information about PlayStation 5 on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 10 p.m. Sony postponed its planned event last week in solidarity with the sad events currently taking place in the United States. The content of this virtual conference is not yet certain. If PlayStation 5 is the subject, opinions differ as to whether or not the console is present.

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Some believe it is impossible for it not to be revealed. Others believe that Sony will prefer to focus on games. And while the important thing is the quality and diversity of the games that will be offered at launch, as well as the DualSense controller that will allow you to immerse themselves in the games, hardware enthusiasts really hope to discover what the console looks like.

A Dutch designer has speculated on this issue. In partnership with Let's Go Digital, Jermaine Smit, better known as Concept Creator, posted the video you can find on her YouTube account at the end of this article. It presents a console chassis concept that combines the ergonomic codes of the PS3 and PS4 with the new design of the controller.

A two-tone shell with blue LEDs matching the controller

So you'll find a two-tone frame (the designer also imagines that it could be totally black) with the right part (the one with the optical disc player) thinner than the left part. Note the line of blue LEDs that dresses the border that makes the junction between the two parts and the matching ignition button on the façade. It's very elegant.

It is a much more sober design than that of the development kit or that of the concept made by the designer VR4Players, for example. Many artists and illustrators have published concepts in recent months inspired by DualSense. The majority of them believe that Sony will continue in sobriety, because the PS5 will, like all Sony consoles since the PS2, intended to fit into a living room.

Source: Let's Go Digital

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