Galaxy Note 20: Samsung is preparing an overhaul of the photo app, new video mode "P…

by Jerry

The Galaxy Note 20 photo app is expected to benefit from several new features that give rise to significantly more flexibility in photo and video shooting.

The Galaxy Note 20 should be a pretext for a profound overhaul of the photo-taking and video application. With features that will probably be found later on other recent models. Thus, according to the leaker Max Weinbach, there would be a new video mode "Pro". This allows, among other things, to manually select the microphone for sound jacking (front, rear, front and rear, with additional support for external USB or Bluetooth microphones).

Galaxy Note 20: Photo app becomes more "Pro" and versatile

These new features should greatly simplify the task of casual or confirmed vloggeurs by allowing them to easily increase the quality of their content while reinforcing the idea that the smartphone is now the real Swiss knife of video. The mode now allows you to display a histogram, which is essential to master the dynamic range of the image,or even the focal length. It is also easier to change the definition directly from this mode.

The app will also take videos in 21:9 up to 8K. The zoom will be a little more limited. With a maximum of 50x versus 100x on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In addition, Single Take, the function boosted to AI and which automatically takes several photos and short videos improves. The duration of the video clips can now be up to 15 seconds compared to 5 seconds currently.

Aside from a few exceptions like the 8K, it seems that most of the features could work with all recent Samsung smartphones. So we can expect the default photo and video experience to improve on Samsung smartphones in the wake of the launch of the Galaxy Note 20.

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Do you use the default app to take your photos and videos or a third-party app? Share your feedback in the comments.

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