PS5: The console could improve the image like Nvidia's DLSS, with lots of AI

by Jerry

The PS5 could use AI-boosted image reconstruction technology in the manner of Nvidia's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. In any case, this is what a 2019 Sony patent that has just surfaced has suggested.

Credits: Phonandroid

Our colleagues at WCCFTech have spotted a Sony patent that could reveal one of the PS5's rendering technologies. According to the document, filed in 2019, the console could rely on a sophisticated rendering system based largely on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

PS5 should benefit from rendering technology similar to Nvidia's DLSS

The patent (in Japanese) describes "an information processing device that acquires many reference images obtained by capturing an object that needs to be reproduced, all while acquiring a plurality of converted images obtained by magnification or reduction of each cohort of reference images, and by performing machine learning that mobilizes a mass of images from which to learn, as learning data that includes the plurality of converted images, and generates pre-learned data that is used to generate a reproduced image that represents the appearance of the object."

In other words, according to this description, the system relies on machine learning to generate graphics in the best possible quality regardless of resolution,for an image that is always perfectly sharp.

A system that is not necessarily new, since it corresponds somewhat to the super-sampling technique DLSS 2.0 of the Nvidia RTX maps. At Nvidia, the system relies on Tensor cores engraved in its GPUs.

This reduces the load on the other cores of the chip, and thus maximizes the performance of the Ray Tracing – while increasing the output resolution. At least in compatible games like Deliver Us The Moon, Wolfenstein Youngblood or Control.

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Of course, this is a patent at this point – and there is no guarantee that the technology will end up in the console. However, since Nvidia already offers the technology on its maps, it seems hard to believe that the console will not offer anything similar.

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