PS5: the 24K gold version for pre-order on September 10, starting at 8800 euros only…

by Jerry

A London-based company specialising in bling-bling customisation of electronic products is proposing to pre-order the PS5 from 10 September 2020. But this version, limited to 250 copies, will not be like the others: it is in 24 carat gold. You can also choose two other finishes: platinum or rose gold. The price: from 8000 pounds. That's only 8800 euros!

Some companies specialize in customizing electronic products by embedding luxury materials such as platinum, gold, diamonds, precious stones or Swarovski crystals. Among these companies, you will find Karalux, Brikk, Goldgenie, Caviar or Truly Exquisite. For example, we owe the 24K gold versions of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 or this gold and diamond version of the PS4 Dualshock 4 controller.

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At the end of July, we reported in our columns that the London-based company is working on three limited series of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, Sony's next consoles. The first set of PS5 is covered in24K gold,the secondin rose gold and the last in platinum. 250 pieces of each console in each series is produced. That's 1500 custom bling-bling consoles in all and for everything. They are accompanied by two DualSense controllers and a matching headset, of course.

Pre-order from September 10

A month and a half ago, we did not yet know at what prices its consoles would be sold, or even when they would be available. This week, Truly Exquisite reveals several pieces of information. First, a date. The opening of pre-orders. They will start on September 10. That's this week. First comers, first served of course.

Second information: the price. The price of all versions has been announced. And if you only want a controller or headphones, Truly Exquisite also offers them on a unit basis (the finish is not specified). Here are the amounts:

  • PS5 with optical reader, gold finish: 8099
  • PS5 with optical reader, rose gold finish: £8,199
  • PS5 with optical drive, platinum finish: 8299
  • PS5 Digital Edition, gold finish: £7999
  • PS5 Digital Edition, rose gold finish: £8099
  • PS5 Digital Edition, platinum gold finish: £8,199
  • Dual Sense Controller: £649
  • PS5 headset: £399

For the conversion to euro, count 1.10 euros for 1 euro (or simply add 10% in the price). At this price, you will have the console (with the finish of your choice), two controllers and an audio headset, all in a beautiful wooden presentation box. And international delivery (with insurance) is offered. class.

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