Samsung to manufacture its own photo sensors as early as 2021

by Jerry

Samsung will manufacture its own photo sensors as early as 2021. According to the information of our colleagues from the website Android Headlines, the manufacturer wants to change the organization of its production line to save money and increase its profits.

Credits: Samsung

While Samsung is trying hard to save Huawei by begging the United States, the automaker is thinking about what to do next and is considering major changes to its production line. In order to reduce production costs and increase profits, Samsung plans to do without several vendors responsible for assembling the photo sensors of its smartphones.

The company will therefore manufacture its own photo sensors located at the back in 2021,in any case this is what an internal report claimed by our website colleagues The Elec. With the democratization of triple or quadruple photo sensors on our smartphones, third-party sensor providers have experienced an unprecedented order boom.

For example, Mcnex, Partron and PowerLogics all posted sales of more than 1000 billion won in 2019,or nearly 725 million euros each. On the other hand, Samsung, like many manufacturers, has suffered the throes of the global pandemic. Its profits have fallen.

Samsung wants to stoke competition

Of course, Samsung's decision to manufacture its rear sensors itself will not be inconsequential. The previously mentioned suppliers will be deprived of orders from the world leader in the smartphone market. In contrast, Namuga and CoAsia, which focus on the manufacture of selfie sensors, can expect an improvement in their sales.

These suppliers expect to receive more orders from Samsung for the front sensors. In addition, the Seoul-based firm will diversify its suppliers for the development of the Galaxy S20 FE (Lite), the cheaper version of the Galaxy S20. This competition will allow Samsung to lower production costs.

Thus, Samsung will call on Mcnex, Partron, Cammsys, Powerlogics, Namuga and Sunny Optical of China to produce the front sensors of its next smartphone. As a reminder, this Galaxy S20 Lite could be presented according to rumors at CES 2021. The Las Vegas show will indeed take place, under strict sanitary conditions.

Source: The Elec

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